For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world. T_Rev and Prince Okezie bring you this smooth, dope track that they kill, enjoy

Dubskie and T_Rev link up together to bring you a  jam,  T_Rev’s Verse in this song, is nothing but, straight FIRE and he murders it!! Give it a listen and see for yourself! This track is Engineered by Arok and produced by  Natsu, enjoy!

Arok and Aaron come together once again with this sexy tune. It is produced by Glace Beatz.

“I don’t get high, I get First N’ Flight” T_rev and Arok come together once again to bring you the jams. Cover art by the lovely Flight Girl Eleni.

“Winnerz” Arok (Audio)

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Arok, Kompass, x Audio x

The latest From Arok “Winnerz” is a motivational track for all those striving for personal success in this life. Arok also tries to explain how we are all winners in some form and how he is already rich on the inside, Enjoy!

Something to smoke and ride too! Light one up for the people! Ft Devon Don @DevonDonOfficial Kompass Records! Raleigh We on!

Arok has been working very hard putting together “Already Rich” Arok is real pumped about his new album and is very excited about releasing his new project to everyone!! Meanwhile, as you patiently wait for the release, be sure to check out Arok’s “Already Rich” Interview with Unregistered Style to get you prepared for the album. Keep you’re eyes open and stay tuned. Arok will be releasing the album in a serenade of singles. Winnerz is the first single off the album. And remember everyone, as Arok says…”We are all ALREADY RICH”!!

T_Rev of First N’ Flight. has himself a little fun with this song, as he begins to start WHYLn’ out throughout this song. Although T_Rev has a little fun with this song, he tens to speak his mind as well as the truth in this song.

Glace gives you a more intimate feel of his musical creations in this Project. Shout out to Walt G, QX, Dean and the gang. Watch out for dope features and even doper beat/sample compilations!

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Arok and T_Rev give us a Visual for the Inspirational Lotus flower jam. Shoutouts to The WHYL, Urban gorillaz, Doobieville, Brandon Hawk and all other sponsors!